Why have a professional videographer?
 A great quote heard from a professional photographer goes ‘ Just because you have a good camera doesn’t mean that you can automatically take a good picture’. The same applies to video too. Anyone can pick up a video camera and record, but it takes a lot more than just pointing and shooting to create a great wedding video. For example, you need to know the shots to get, how to frame and focus the shots and how to make sure the sound is all perfect. And that’s only part of it, as another very important element is the editing process, as this is where the art comes through and produces you a timeless reminder of your special day. Professional videographers are trained in their art, from camera work, sound engineering, lighting through to editing. Filming a wedding is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs, and not one you want to risk in the hands of an amateur. You only get one shot at it, and a professional will always be focussing on the best.
Do I need more cameras?
 We always recommend at least 2 cameras for several reasons:
1) Because it’s important to have a very steady shot, our cameras are set-up on tripods during most key moments like the ceremony, speeches etc. This doesn’t allow much ability to move and get shots from different angles. To ensure good angles while you’re exchanging vows, walking down the aisle and leaving the ceremony and for guest speakers, it’s necessary to have the 2nd camera. Also, during the speeches, it really adds to the moment if we can record both the speaker and your guests’ reactions. This is especially effective when they are talking about guests or thanking them. Depending on the venue a single camera might only be able to capture little reaction from the guest.
2) Having a 2nd angle allows us to edit both angles into your final version. This gives you a much more dynamic and visually interesting video.
3) Many ceremony sites have restrictions as to where the videographers may place their cameras. In some instances, this is not always an ideal location. In these situations, having the 2nd angle gives us more flexibility to get the best shots and, during editing, allows us to choose between the two angles so there is almost always a clear shot of the two of you.
What sound quality can we expect in the service and do we need to wear a tie clip?
 Again, we offer professional sound quality. We only use professional microphones and these come in two formats:
– The first option is special directional microphones attached to the main camera. We use these in smaller venues when the camera is close by. This picks up the vows and reduces the noise around you such as young children etc. It also is a great option for the groom if they are nervous about wearing a tie clip.
– The other main option is a tie clip microphone. This is a small microphone which clips onto the groom’s lapel and a small unit, no bigger than a small mobile phone, which can sit in the grooms pocket or sporran.
You can hear the sound quality of this in our Demo DVD at the Rings section.
How long after the wedding will it be before I receive the completed DVDs?
DVD’s are typically delivered within 4-10 weeks after your wedding date. This depends on season, booking schedule and closure for holidays. Any delays beyond this period SW will notify you. We treat each wedding with the same level of professionalism, and never rush through them, so that you always get the best possible DVD.There is no guaranteed turnaround time. 
How long is the completed DVD?
 This depends on several factors – Size of the wedding, package chosen, the length of service and speeches. Typically, an average Silver package can be 60-90 mins, whereas a platinum package can be 120-150mins.
May I choose my own music for the video?
 We strongly recommend you do this Solar Weddings will help as much as we can by providing you a music request form. This gives you a list of how many tracks we need and what for. It also gives you hints as to what is best. Of course, if you can’t decide then we can select tracks for you, but our goal is to make the DVD as personal to you as possible.
Does the DVD include a chapter selection menu?
 We don’t stop the creativity once your wedding is edited. We have spent time creating our specially designed cases. We also create a personal DVD menu and scene selections using footage taken from your day.
What style of filming do you do? Will we have to interact as we do with the photographer?
 We mainly do a fly-on-the-wall style. As your wedding day will be one of the most important days in your life, we go to great lengths to remain at a respectful distance and make every effort to minimize our presence. We never shove a camera in anyone’s face or use big obtrusive lights. We always aim to capture guest reactions naturally and this gets the best results when they are not aware we are even filming them. This is why one of our main feedback quotes is ‘ We hardly noticed you were there’.
What package should I choose?
 This is always a hard choice, so if you are not sure then please get in touch with us to discuss it. Again, there is no sales speech or obligation, we just want to make your choice of package as easy as it can be.
High Definition HD (blu Ray) vs. Standard Definition (DVD)
 If you’ve ever seen high-definition (HD) video on an HDTV, then you know just how incredibly sharp the picture is and how vivid the colours are. In fact, HD offers five times the amount of detail compared to standard-definition (SD). The problem with today’s DVDs is that they only support SD and don’t have the necessary storage capacity to satisfy the needs of HD. That’s where Blu-ray comes in, as it offers up to 50GB of storage capacity and enables playback, recording and rewriting of HD in all of the HD resolutions including 1080p. The format also supports high-definition audio formats and lossless audio. Choosing this format will allow you to view your wedding film in stunning visual and audio quality time after time.

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